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Drawing upon decades of experience in product development, MixBin utilizes a completely integrated approach to the formation of tech accessories. From sourcing and design to production and logistics, we bring our ideas and know-how to our clients. Through this full-service approach, Mixbin has collaborated with top brand clients to establish successful product extensions that drive brand image growth.

Mixbin Timeline

Mixbin IS FOUNDED with the IPHONE 4 Cover


Mixbin started with the introduction of the branded iPhone cover to VS/PINK! This promotion sparked the highly successful Speed to Market silicone program, inspired by the explosion of silicone in China. For over 2 years, shipments were made by air every 2 week (PO to GAC was 18 days).


"The Perfect Christmas" CD went Platinum


700,000 CDs were sold in less than 3 weeks. Billboard acknowledged the album as the best-selling Holiday record of that year, beating Ray Charles’ CD at Starbucks.

Where Do We Work

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