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Recall No.: 17-196

August 1, 2017 – MixBin Electronics announced a recall for certain styles of decorative liquid glitter iPhone cases. The recall was initiated because if, in the event that certain styles of the decorative liquid glitter iPhone case became broken or cracked and leaked the liquid contained within the phone case onto skin, there was a risk of skin irritation, blisters, or burns. To review the full CPSC press release, click here.

Review the below MixBin Electronics Liquid Filled Glitter iPhone Case Recall Identification Guide to help determine if you have an affected case.

It is important to remember that this style case is very popular and so, the case that you have may not be a case concerning this recall. It is important that you take the time to figure out if you have or do not have an affected case with MixBin Electronics so that you can best seek appropriate relief.

Please see the Identification Guide below and then select the appropriate option at the bottom:


At MixBin Electronics, the safety of our customers is our priority. We have identified a potential product safety issue related to certain iPhone cases.

As a result, MixBin Electronics is voluntarily recalling these specific cases. This guide will help you identify whether your case is included in the recall.

Affected MixBin Electronics Liquid Glitter iPhone Case

Consider the following to know if your case is included in this recall:

1.   Retailer

The affected cases were sold on;; Henri Bendel stores and online at; Nordstrom Rack stores; Tory Burch stores; and at Victoria’s Secret stores in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, and online at

If your iPhone case did not come from one of these above named retailers, you are not included in this recall.

If you purchased a case that is on the effected phone case list from a 3rd party supplier such as Ebay or Poshmark after August 1st, 2017, please communicate with the third party seller that they have sold a recalled item. If you have any further questions about this feel free to reach out to us at

2.   Type of Phone

The affected MixBin Electronics cases were made for only iPhone 6, 6s, and 7.

If your phone was neither an iPhone nor one of the above named models, you are not included in this recall.

3.   Model Number and UPC

If your case was purchased by one of the above named retailers and is a case for one of the above named iPhone models, please click here to see if your case’s modelnumber/UPC Code match. To find the model number/UPC Code, consult the product packaging.

If, upon reviewing this link, your case does not have a matching Model Number/UPC Code, you are not included in this recall.

4.   Style of Case

Does your case look anything like any of the following:

2. Non-Affected Liquid Glitter iPhone Case

If your case was not purchased at any of the identified retailers listed above, then you are not included in this recall. If your case is not for an iPhone, then you are not included in this recall. If your case is not for any of the iPhone models specifically listed above, then you are not included in this recall. If your case’s Model Number/UPC Code does not match with those provided at the linked page linked above, then you are not included in this recall. If your case does not look like any of the above photographed cases, then you are not included in this recall.


If you do not have proof of purchase, you will not be eligible for a cash refund. If you have a case effected by the recall but do not have valid proof of purchase, we will send you a suitable replacement phone cover. 

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Country

  • Address 1

  • Address 2

  • City

  • State

  • Postal Code

  • Email

  • Place of Purchase

  • Receipt of purchase

  • image of your case

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