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The V4 Solar Charger Battery is the all in one for smartphone lovers. The Battery comes with stow away Micro-USB and USB cables. You can use these cables to charge the charger's battery, charge your Micro-USB compatible phone, or even sync your phone. The charger also has a USB port to plug in any other type of charge cables. The built in solar panel will help to supplement the batteries charge to keep you at 100%. The attached keychain means you can take this charger anywhere, just clip it on your bag or purse. (MFI Cable not included)

V4 Solar Charger (Black)

SKU: MBH17-130-C1
    • Built in Micro-USB & USB Cables
    • Built in USB port
    • 1000 mAh Rechargable Battery
    • Supplemental Solar Panel
    • Stylish Hook Clip for easy carry